Inspiring! The Famous Kitten Lady Rescues The Most Vulnerable Kittens

After ‘Kitten Lady’ rescued Hank, a kitten with a deadly virus, she made her the cover of her new kitten care book, Tiny but Mighty.

Hanna Shaw is a feline lover who dedicates her life to taking care of new-born kittens. She is a professional kitten rescuer who has learned a lot about kittens by consulting with municipalities and animal shelters on stray cat management.

Shaw specializes in taking care of neonatal kittens that cannot survive in animal shelters due to their vulnerability. 

When kittens are welcomed to the world, they are at a high risk of getting infections and being ill. In addition, a female cat conceives every 3-4 months. In the results of all the above, the shelters cannot keep up. Therefore, millions of cats are euthanized around the world every year.

Shaw is there to take those fragile little kittens, and she provides them around-the-clock care; she feeds them and gives them medications. By that, they get a chance to survive.

In her new book, she explains how to care for vulnerable cats. In addition, she tells about her rescue stories. For instance, the little girl from the book cover, Hanky, was abandoned in a tissue box at a pet store, covered with fleas. On top of that, she still had her umbilical cord attached. She also had eyes infection and panleukopenia (a deadly feline disease).

Shaw dedicated an entire week to care for her. She was well trained by then and knew how to heal her from the awful panleukopenia. And so, after she was given the perfect amount of food and fluids, she finally got healed.

Although she takes such good care of the little kittens, she’s thrilled to find them foster and forever homes!

Among the social media community, she’s known as the ‘Kitten Lady,’ make sure you keep up with her life-saving tips and read her new book!

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