Inspiring Disabled Dog Celebrates Her 3 Months Birthday Despite Doctors Inputs

When a puppy with a variety of diseases celebrated her 12 week birthday, it wasn’t taken for granted. For sweet Sasha, who was born with a cleft palate and a cleft lip, every waking moment was a miracle.

When she was born, she was lucky enough to be under the care of a cat rescuer, Marie DeMarco. She had her own rescue group named FURRR 911 established to feed, protect, recover and rescue felines.

She dedicates her life to nursing orphaned kittens and caring for felines in need and specializes in extreme cases of those who are the most “unadoptable.”

Sasha was a great addition to her caretaker’s fosters, although she was a dog!

“She has been a fighter from day one and has surmounted multiple obstacles in her short time on this planet,” DeMarco wrote on Facebook. “As her foster mom, I have worried and fretted, lost lots of sleep, gained several new grey hairs, but none of that matters when I look into her eyes,” she added. 

The little pup weighs in about 2 pounds and recently overcame a severe infection. Sadly, with time, she started to break with vomiting, fever, eye infection, weight loss, and nasal congestion.

Her dedicated caretaker got more worried when the 2-pound pup wasn’t getting better after receiving antibiotics. She lost her appetite, which could be deadly at a 2-pound weight.

DeMarco suspected Sasha’s condition was due to the disease she was born with, hydrocephalus, so she took her to the neurologist.

After round-the-clock care, Sasha started to feel a bit better, and on her 12 week birthday, she was a happy little pup.

The two have formed a special bond and Sasha never let DeMarco out of eyeshot. One of her favorite things to do is cuddling with her feline siblings, although they are much bigger than her.

Here’s an adorable video of teeny tiny Sasha:

Although Sasha has to overcome lots of struggles, she is under an incredible woman’s wing that would go above and beyond for the little pup. 

Sasha inspired people and showed everyone what kind of a fighter she was. She made everyone around her happy and loved all her kitten siblings.

For more information about Sasha’s story, stop by the FURRR 911 website.

Update: In March 2018, sweet Sasha passed away at six months old. Although she had a short life, her caretake DeMarco made sure was pampered with lots of love, friends, and treats.

Gina Gencarelli, a volunteer, was the one to take the heartwarming photos of Sasha’s birthday.

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