Inseparable Pit Bulls Are Looking To be Adopted Together

Agatha and Jukebox are two adorable pit bulls patiently awaiting adoption. They are staying in an animal shelter in Tucson, Arizona. The dogs arrived at the shelter separately. Agatha was abandoned by her owner and put up for adoption, while Jukebox never had an owner- he was a stray, rescued from the streets.

Usually, dogs bond together after spending their entire lives together, but this case is something special! It was love at first sight, from the moment Agatha and Jukebox laid eyes on each other, they became inseparable.

Being caged in a shelter, no matter how good conditions are, is a very stressful experience for most animals. The two puppies had a hard time acclimating to their new surroundings, but thankfully they had each other. They spend every waking moment together.

The humans who cared for them immediately recognized the special bond they shared. The dogs were placed in the same kennel so that they would not be separated. Despite the relatively spacious home they were given, Agatha and Jukebox nevertheless prefer to snuggle together on the same bed.

The adorable picture of the two curled up together went viral on Facebook. The shelter workers hope that this will draw potential owners to adopt this beautiful pair. Obviously, it’s important for the both of them to be adopted together- breaking up this caring partnership would be devastating.

In most cases, shelters don’t write “must be adopted together” when trying to find forever homes for their dogs. This case is unique, however. Agatha and Jukebox are inseparable, and it would be inhumane to give them up for adoption separately.

Thankfully, they are always doing cute things that attract passersby. It’s only a matter of time before someone decides to make them a part of their family.

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