Individual Threatens To Drown Nine Orphan Pit Bull Puppies

Puppies are fragile and vulnerable, they need their mother dog to nurture them when they are newborns. When a worried person emailed Dr. Deborah Wilson of Circle L. Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary a shocking message, she rushed into action immediately.

The individual claimed that a pit bull owner didn’t want his pitbull puppies any longer, he tried to get rid of them and so, he threatened to drown them if no one comes to take them. The nine four-year-old pups were lucky that this message was brought to Dr. Deborah Wilson’s idea because her team and another organization teamed up and finally rescued the nine adorable souls.

The Circle L. Ranch took in five pups while the other organization took four puppies. Since they were only four-weeks-old, they needed a mother who would nurture and take care of them. Luckily, Dr. Wilson found them a mother dog that has two 6-day-old newborns. She was also rescued, from the Pinal County Shelter.

They weren’t sure whether she would nurture the pitbull puppies for she wasn’t their biological mother. Fortunately, she took them under her wing and nurtured them.

Dr. Wilson shares on Facebook how the mother dog reacted when she met the puppies for the first time:

“When I got back we introduced the runt to her, she sniffed him and licked him, we placed him down on her nipples and he started eating right away. She was ok with it and seemed pleased. So one by one we brought in the others, she accepted all of them.”She continued, “She is the best mom. Even though the new five are older they are smaller than her two. So glad they are nursing.”

Thanks to all the ones who were involved the puppies are safe and sound, and they will grow to be healthy and beautiful pit bulls.

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