Incredible: Five Elderly Chinese Women Feed 1,300 Starving Dogs Every Morning!

Five kind-hearted women from Weinan, China, wake up every morning at four in the morning and no, not for pleasure or work but to save countless lives.

These women wake up every single day to feed over 1,300 hungry dogs in order to save their lives.

Six years ago, Wang Yanfang decided to open an asylum just for dogs. She had no idea this decision would become such an enormous responsibility. Nowadays, Yanfang and her friends wake up every morning to make over 400 kilos of dog food! And that’s just breakfast…

The incredible group of heroes knows that without their help, these dogs will end up on the street or worse, so they keep doing their best from sunup to sundown.

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Even though these women are all around 60 and 70 years old, they work relentlessly to take care of all the pups.

are responsible for much more than ‘feeding time’; they also look after the dogs, groom them, and make sure they know they’re loved, by showering them with endless love and affection.

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Yes, it’s fun to spend the day around dogs. However, not all of them are friendly, especially after going through such a rough time on the streets.

The brave ladies must handle dogs that aren’t necessarily social, highly aggressive and afraid of people. Sometimes they get bitten by dogs or find it hard to handle a big canine; whose emotional troubles weigh more than they do.

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Nonetheless, the handlers stay energized, optimistic, and ready for action every single morning. They don’t allow a few scratches and bites to discourage them from their incredible mission and remain devoted to their sweet pups.

法制晚报 蒲晓旭/CFP

The rescuers save countless dogs’ lives every year. If not for them, many of these canines would have been euthanized. 

If their work helps dogs live better lives and survive, they’re willing to face the challenges and make the needed sacrifices.

法制晚报 蒲晓旭/CFP

Due to the fact that donations fund the asylum exclusively, the dog haven entirely depends on goodwill and donations. The local community has recruited to help the ladies by donating money to the refuge and offering countless support.

法制晚报 蒲晓旭/CFP

Yanfang loves her furry family so much that she can’t be away from them, even if it’s for a short while. 

Frankly, all the women are devoted to their pups at every level. They even chose to spend their New Year’s eve with them. They feel as if these dogs are their children, and they’ll do everything in their power to give them the best care.

法制晚报 蒲晓旭/CFP

These women put so much love and effort into the dogs’ care that it’s incredibly admirable.

They should all be an inspiration to all of us. They’re the silent heroes that selflessly fight for good and save many dogs from an extremely harsh life and even death on a daily bases. What an amazing story!

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