Incredible Brewery Introduces: “Paw-Ternity Leave” for New Dog Owners

Men and women everywhere, breaking news! From now on you can all take paw-ternity leave after adding a homeless companion to your family. If you happen to be working at the BrewDog company, you can take a short break after adopting a furry pal.

The brewery explains that they know how hard it could be to adjust to a new life with a new pet. Thus, they wanted to make their employees’ lives easier and and allow them to get to know their new pets calmly and happily for the first time.

The interesting leave has been nicknamed a “paw-ternity” leave, and the employees couldn’t be more satisfied with their working conditions.

It’s challenging to welcome home a new friend, let alone someone that will stay with you forever, so many members found BrewDog’s actions quite admirable.

The BrewDog brewery was initially founded in Scotland, but expanded its operations to Columbus, Ohio, about three years ago. Consequently, they’ve become the first company to come up with the “paw-ternity” leave all over the UK and the US. Since they’ve decided to implement their initiative, many satisfied employees have taken the “paw-ternity” leave, and enjoyed quality time with their new furry BFF. The fact the BrewDog brewery has embraced it first is quite incredible, and we hope that the concept will catch on soon enough.

Puppy Parental Leave from BrewDog on Vimeo.

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