If You’re Down Keep in Mind That Horses Can Grow a Stylish Mustache

You’ve read right, these horses actually grow mustaches. Whether the horse is a male or a female, the Gypsy Vanner horse breed goes beyond gender, and both genders are blessed with full grown adorable mustaches.

The unique horse is common around the UK area and Europe in general. It is known for his parti-colored coat and its impressive mustache.

Many Gypsy Vanner owners believe that the horse’s mustache brings luck.

Social media community is astonished by this incredible revelation. Although some people believe that it’s a bit odd, we think that it’s one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen!

Have you ever seen a Gypsy Vanner? Feel free to share with us your experience.

What a stallion! 

Now, this is a mustache.


Even though this horse is a female, she also has her very own individual mustache, ha ha

Well, hello there sweetie!

It decided to go all the way and grow a beard.


The princess and the mustache.

An elderly mustache.

It has some growing to do.

Hello, blondie.

Mustache battle.

Wild one.

Ready for action.

Keeping it hydrated!

Rocker Gypsy Vanner all the way.

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