Husband Tries To Help His Wife With Their Dog And Ends Upcoming Home With The Wrong One

Husband Takes Dog To The Groomer, Comes Home With The Wrong Dog

What do you do if your partner comes home with the wrong dog? Hopefully, have a nice long laugh.   

This is too funny! Sometimes you do something so foolish and ridiculous, that it’s nothing but hilarious. Rudy Salazar is one of those people, and thankfully, his wife is a kidder herself.

When Rudy came home with the wrong pup, all his wife, Coco Salazar, could do was laugh at the absurdity of the situation. The groomer gave him a dog named Coco instead of their dog because Rudy has told him he was helping his wife, Coco. A comical yet straightforward mix-up.

Our story began when Rudy wanted to help his overworked wife with the house chores. 

When she suggested that he could help by taking their dog, BooBear, to the groomers, he was so happy to land a hand.

However, the best intentions couldn’t save Rudy from his future humorous mistake. When Rudy left BooBear at the groomers, everything went fine, but when he came back to pick him up again, his talent for mishaps started acting up, and he ended up leaving the groomers with the wrong dog. 

Rudy didn’t even realize his mistake until he came home to find his wife shocked by the absurd situation. 

In this video, Salazar is trying to excuse himself by saying the groomers gave him the wrong dog. LOL.

Rudy and his wife explained that the mix-up occurred because Rudy’s wife, named Coco, shares the same name with their new, accidentally kidnapped dog, white Coco. 

Rudy talked to the groomers about Coco but didn’t understand the groomers thought Coco was the name of his dog!

Rudy went back to the groomers, returned white Coco, and picked up the right dog, making sure it’s BooBear again and again all the way home.

The incident made the Salazars famous; the video of Rudy and white Coco has gone viral. It makes everyone who watches it laugh like there’s no tomorrow. 

The imprisoned pup must’ve been so afraid and confused, being picked up by someone he’s never met before. People can’t believe Rudy actually made such a colossally funny mistake, but one thing is for sure – we all got a terrific laugh out of it!

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