Hurricane Dorian: Family Wades Through Chest-Level Floodwaters To Rescue Their Dogs

Dogs are family, and some people would do anything to make sure they are safe, even risking their lives.

As the 5 Category Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, people evacuated to safety while some dogs were left behind. The horrible monster has killed seven people, and the death toll is climbing as rescue teams arrive at the destroyed islands. 

With thousands of houses had been damaged and whole residential neighborhood smashed, people had to leave their homes to take shelter in cramped attic spaces.
The rising floodwaters reach the chest level, and some people had to go back to their homes to rescue their hapless dogs. Tim Aylen, a Bahamian journalist and his family, were forced to leave their home as the water level reached their chests.

The Aylens waded through the strong water stream to get to higher ground and arrive at safety. His 17-year-old son Matthew and his 21-year-old daughter Julia were with him when they evacuated, but they also had three dogs. 

With so much stress and fear, the incredible family didn’t leave anyone behind. They took their beloved furry companions with them.

The evacuation video has quickly gone viral and caught everyone’s attention. People hail them for their heroic rescue. 

Here’s the viral video of the evacuation:

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