Hunter Becomes A Hero After Rescuing A Load Of Koalas From The Deadly Bushfires

More than half a billion animals have been killed as wildfires rage across Australia. Koalas have been hit the hardest because they are slow to move and they climb up trees when in danger instead of running away.

This unlikely hero has become a social media sensation after entering an unsafe area to rescue endangered animals trapped in bushfires.

We have seen many heartwarming photos of people rescuing animals from the deadly bushfires in Australia. But this particular rescuer does a controversial thing in his free time. 

Patrick Boyle, a young hunter, risked his own life to leap into a dangerous area to save distressed animals from certain death.

According to Boyle, he has saved nine koalas from the deadly bushfire in Mallacoota, East Gippsland.

It all started when his friend noticed a dehydrated koala trying do get some water from a pump of a water treatment plant. This scenario moved him and made him decide to leap into action and help other animals.

Boyle shared the photograph of him holding a rescued koala on Instagram, which has spread like wildfire on social media.

According to Boyle, it didn’t take long till he spotted the first animal in need, and once he started looking for them, he found more and more koalas. Sadly, as he searched for more koalas, he found many animals who didn’t survive the fire.

As soon as he could, he took them all to someone’s house that is used as a Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter. 

Later on, he updated and said that the koalas he rescued are still alive, as some of them are injured, and others are just fine.

He asks people to help the Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter, which provides a safe home to koalas by donating them.

The devastating fire crisis has caused many casualties, and according to officials, the danger is far from over, placing lives and property in peril. Tens of people have lost their lives, about half a billion animals have been killed, and thousands of homes have been burnt down.

  1. Brad Littlefield

    This is very admirable. However, the photos below, showing fire fighters helping a Koala drink water are dangerous. DO NOT let a Koala drink like this. They get most of their moisture from gum tree leaves. If you pour water down their throats like this, they can easily get water in their lungs, aspirate or get pneumonia and die. If you come across a distressed Koala, please put water in a bowl, your hat, your hand, or other container and let the animal lap at it gently. Please spread the word to all first line responders as well as those living near the affected areas.

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