Hundreds Of Bus Stops In The Netherlands Are Turning Into Bee Stops

Although it hurts when they sting, they are more important than people would think. Bees make the world turn around, and by that, we mean that humans need bees in order to exist. 


Bees are responsible for pollination, which is an integral role in the maintenance of the ecological system. Without bees, humanity will be in a food crisis. 

The Netherlands understands the importance of the bee’s work, so it came up with a creative idea that supports the bee population across the country.

Utrecht, a city located in the central Netherlands, decided to use bus stops in order to boost the bees’ pollination. The council upgraded bus stations so other creatures could enjoy them too.

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Utrecht revamped 316 bus stops, and now they have greenery on their rooftops. Besides being bee-friendly, the bus stops look nicer, and they will now store rainwater too. Moreover, the greenery widens the biodiversity, for instance, attracts bumblebees and honey bees.

Sadly, while three are more than 358 bee species in the country, over 56% of the bee species are endangered and mentioned on the Dutch Red List, in accordance with Dutch website Wildebijen.

The bees are attracted to the new greeneries, and now they can maintain their work in fertilizing plants and maintain the ecosystem balance. 

Plus, the council calls and supports the community to help the bees save the world by offering to subsidize the revamping.

The council’s website underlines the benefits of green rooftops:

“A green roof is good for a healthy and livable city. The city can, therefore, better cope with climate problems. It helps to prevent flooding and ensures that we suffer less from heat.”

The incredible city is becoming even greener by replacing 125 buses with 55 electric buses.

Deputy Dennis Street explains:

“With this replacement, the province of Utrecht, together with the U-OV transport company, will kill two birds with one stone. With the arrival of so many new electric buses, we are taking a big step towards the goal of completely clean public transport in 2028.”


But the city of Utrecht has just begun making the world a greener place; they expect to install solar panels on all the bus stops in the city.

What remarkable initiatives. Well done!

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