Human Touch Is Needed At Dog Shelters

Good Hearted People Needed at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. 

Humane Society of Tampa Bay is looking for animal lovers who are looking for a dream job. They are looking for volunteers to spend some snuggling time with their adorable shelter animals. 

Usually, caring students volunteer in winter breaks to show some love to homeless pets. But now, that they are back to school, there’s a major shortage of snuggle volunteers. 

Good snugglers who have some spare time to make shelter dogs’ lives better are more than welcome to contact Humane Society of Tampa Bay.  

Every creature needs some love and affection, especially the homeless ones. In order to find dogs caring homes, they need to be comfortable around humans- the key to making them human-friendly is human interaction. 

The volunteering work is an essential part of their adoption prosses. Friendly dogs are adopted much quicker than unfriendly ones. Human touch can change the homeless dogs’ lives. All they need is some good scratches on the right spots and warm hugs.    

  Although it may seem like it’s the perfect volunteering activity and therefore there are plenty of dog lovers who go to the shelter for some snuggles, in reality, there’s a shortage. Every cuddler can change dogs’ lives.

The volunteer feedbacks are incredible, besides turning the pooches’ lives around,  it lowers stress level and eases anxiety as well.

If you think you’re a good snuggler, don’t hesitate to contact HSTB’s website RIGHT NOW! People who don’t live around Tampa may contact their local shelter and offer their cuddling skills.

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