How Would Our Favorite Superheroes Look If They Were Cats

Cat people love taking things far. The brilliant Indonesian illustrator, Fajareka Setiawan sketched our favorite superheroes as if they were cats. What better way to upgrade superheroes than by illustrating them as their cat doubles?
The concept artist’s illustrations have taken over social media, some say that he makes them look cooler than the original characters.

Here are the cool illustrations
Don’t forget to check his Instagram account, you won’t want to miss his dope illustrations.


“Are you ready for the movie?”


“Hunting time!…” says Fajareka on his IG account


“This kitten just wanted to watch #antmanandthewasp movie in town..”


“Let’s go fishing!” he wrote

Venom Cat Cathanos

“I’m hungry!”


What do you think?

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