How To Keep Your Dog’s Paws Healthy And Your House Cleaner

Imagine walking barefoot all day, and in all weather conditions, from scorching hot sand to freezing cold asphalt roads, without ever treating your feet. It probably wouldn’t end well, right? Dogs use their paws to navigate the world around them, and keeping them healthy is essential for your dog’s health and for keeping your house cleaner.



Whether you trim your doggo’s nails on your own or take him to a groomer, the first step for guaranteeing your four-legged pal has healthy paws starts with his claws. Overgrown nails can be painful for dogs. They can also disrupt their posture, and increase their chances to collect debris and dirt and spread them all over your home. Moreover, doggos tend to lick their paws, so keeping them clean will lower their chances of coming in contact with bacteria. If you can hear your dog walking, or if his nails extend beyond the pads and touch the ground, it’s time to get those Pet Nail Clippers out of the drawer and start trimming! Regularly trimming your dog’s nails will not only directly affect his paws‘ health and wellbeing but also guarantee your house remains much cleaner. Be careful not to over trim your dog’s nails though! Dogs have blood vessels running through their nails. Trimming the nails too short can cause the dog a lot of pain and bleeding. 

Paw Fur

Dogs have fur between their toes and around their pads. Just like with nails, keeping their paw fur nice and trimmed is essential for their health. Additionally, trimming your dog’s paw fur will keep it from matting and causing him pain. If you’re not sure whether your dog paw fur is too long a good rule of thumb is to keep the fur even with the paw pads.

General Paw Hygiene

Dogs walk barefoot, which means that they’re much more likely to get cuts, scratches, and burns. Walking around with dirty paws and open wounds is not a great idea, so keeping your dog’s paws clean is an absolute must! A dog paw cleaner can help you do just that. The cleaner is a tube-like device with small, soft silicone bristles. The bristles gently get in between the toes and pads and remove, dirt, debris, and other unwanted souvenirs your dog picks up on your walks. Cleaning your dog’s paws before entering the house will guarantee that your pooch won’t be spreading germs and mud all over your home.

Seasonal Paw Care

Weather is also an important factor that affects your doggo’s paw health. Avoid walking on hot surfaces like pavements and sand to prevent burns and blisters. If your dog’s paw pads get burned, gently wash them with an antibacterial wash and loosely wrap with bandages. Cold weather affects the dog’s paws just as much. Cold weather can cause the pads to crack, increasing the chances of infections. It’s also quite common for people to spread salt and other chemicals to melt the ice in their driveways and on roads. These chemicals can cause infections and can be toxic if the dog attempts to lick them. To avoid all these, use a dog paw cleaner to sanitize your pooch’s paws before entering your home.

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