How Much We Love Our Dogs’ Stats Will Leave You Shocked

When we adopt a canine companion, it inevitably turns to be a part of our family. But the fact that we love our dogs so much doesn’t necessarily mean that other dog owners love their dogs to that level. 

An online marketplace for dog owners named Rover made a poll which checks how much people love their dogs.


The results turned out as we expected; most dog owners love their furry doggos more than people. The study found that 94% of the thousands of survey participants love their dogs as family members. Furthermore, it was discovered that 75% of dog owners seriously consider having their dog with them in special life events such as holiday cards, weddings, and vacations. 


Another interesting statistic says that 65% of people take more pictures of their furry friend than their other loved ones. 29% of those post more pictures of their dogs than their significants.

As people have a hard time to leave their partners when they are away,  47% of them find it even more emotionally challenging to leave their beloved dogs. Moreover, no less than 56% greet their dog first when they get home. But this stat will leave you shocking, 54% of the participants said that if their dog didn’t like their partner, they would actually consider breaking up with them.


According to the poll, 3,000 have googled the “Does my dog love me?” question. Don’t worry dear dog owners, your beloved dogs probably love you more than life itself.


Thank you Rover for doing this great survey. Now it’s confirmed that most dog owners love their dogs insanely, and no, we aren’t crazy for considering them as family members, because they truly are.


  1. Elior Y

    Lovely article!

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