How Do Baby Sloths Communicate? The Answer Will Melt Your Hearts

Once you get to know sloths, you’ll realize how incredible and clever they are.


Sloths are adorable animals that love sleeping all day and all night long. They have long arms and resemble monkeys in a way, but according to their lineage, they are more related to animals such as anteaters and armadillos.

Sloths are usually found in tropical rainforests, in the Central and South American areas and are considered the slowest, laziest animals in the world.

Researchers believe that sloths are slow because it’s their unique way to survive; by moving slowly, the sloths camouflage well within the forest and can avoid being noticed by predators. To better their disguise, sloths also allow many kinds of algae to grow on them.

The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica has one essential purpose – to educate people about the importance of sloths to the environment. If a sloth was abandoned or isolated, the sanctuary takes them in and nurtures them, until they can care for themselves in the wild.

This video will show you how baby sloths communicate. Get ready to be smitten by these adorable creatures!

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