Horse freed from chains by vet get to run free again

The sole purpose of animal organizations is to make sure they have the best life those noble creatures could have, going to lengths to help and save as many pets or wild animals as possible.

That is truly the case in this story, restoring our faith in humanity just a bit more.

Four Paws members including veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu, came across a group of wild horses. One of them had his legs chained together to prevent running – still a common practice in Romania probably meant to prevent breeding as the country is having a horse crisis.


The horse was completely bound, and could barely move. So vet Rosu did the only thing he could. 

Freedom seemed close, but as Rosu untied that chained he discovered the chains injured the horse’s skin. Thankfully, with the treatment provided by the Four Paws team, he will heal.


As his friend watched what happened, he wanted to express his gratitude towards his friend’s savior. The way he did was truly heart-warming.


Watch the full video for the rescue below

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