Horrible Man Returns Pooch To Shelter For She Was “Too Affectionate”

Adopting or buying a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities, and those who can’t uphold them should not get one. It requires lots of patience, time, compassion, and financial ability to keep them healthy and happy. 

An awful man adopted a pup and at some point, decided that the pooch was too affectionate and dropped it back at the animal shelter. The sweet doggo loved her owner and loved being by his side, but apparently, it wasn’t mutual.

Staff at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, was shocked by the horrible man’s reasoning. They took a picture of the sad scenario and posted it online.

The heartbreaking picture of Jubilee, the abandoned pooch, went viral for all the right reasons and tugged at people’s heartstrings.

They didn’t expect that the moment they took the picture would change her life forever.

The heartless man said that besides being too affectionate, the puppy chewed up part of his couch, a cushion, and a baseboard. It is undoubtedly a reason to get mad for a few minutes, but dropping her back at the shelter is just ruthless. 

Every dog owner whoever had a young puppy knows that chewing stuff is a part of their puppyhood development. As baby and kids ruin things at the house, puppies do too.

The sweet one-year-old pup had some anxiety issues (as many dogs have) that needed to be worked on, and having an uncompassionate owner just worsened the situation. 

But being out of that lonely place with that man is probably the best thing that could happen to her because she was adopted in less than 24 hours.

Happily, Jubilee got the life she deserved and was adopted by an incredible woman named Samantha. Her new mom treats her patiently and showers her with love.

Jubilee also has a dog sibling now named Abby, making her feel at home and never alone. She can now shower her sibling and mom with all the affection she has without being ignored.

Samantha’s son and Jubilee are good friends, as well. He and his mom ensure that she always feels loved, and they plan on working with a dog trainer to help her overcome her anxieties.

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