Homeless Pitbull Makes His Bed To Prove That He’s A Good Boy

When Rush first arrived at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center, in Ohio, he was an anxious and frightened pup. Being a Pitbull, Rush’s life on the streets was probably a troublesome one; People often label Pitbulls as being aggressive and dangerous and use it as an excuse for treating them differently. The shelter’s staff, on the other hand, saw past the stereotypes and were able to see Rush for what he really was, a loving cuddly pup, that was simply grateful to be off the streets. They gave the pooch infinite amounts of love, treats, and for the first time in his life – a warm and cozy bed.

Rush spent the next few months in the shelter awaiting adoption, as he witnessed all of his neighbors finding new homes. Potential adopters came in almost every day, but all would shy away as soon as they’d see he’s a Pittbull.

Rush’s high-energy often intimidated adopters, so the staff decided to train him, in order to make him more desirable.

One day, one of the shelter’s volunteers walked passed Rush’s kennel and was utterly shocked by what she saw. The pooch was so desperate to prove that he’s actually a good boy, that he was making his own bed!

The volunteer immediately took out her camera and shot this adorable video of the sweet doggo, and uploaded it to YouTube:

The clip quickly went viral, receiving nearly 2 million views. Many local news agencies reached the shelter, requesting to feature Rush on their shows. The shelter saw it as an opportunity to show people that Pitbulls can be just as sweet as any other breed.

Rush became an overnight superstar, and with all that attention, he soon found his perfect new owners. Rush’s new mamma saw his video online and instantly fell in love with him. She sent him the video with the message – ‘I think I want him’. She didn’t need to say another word to convince him. They’ve lost their dog earlier that year, and her hubby was ready to open their house for a new loving pup.

The two ‘rushed’ to the shelter straight from work to see if the pooch is still available for adoption. 

The couple believes that on their way to the shelter, they’ve received a sign from above that they’re doing the right thing. they drove down the highway and passed a Cincinnati Bengals billboard that read ‘RUSH to be there’, with the ‘to be there’ part written in small letters, leading them to only see his name, ‘RUSH’.

Watch the family’s first moments together with their new pup, while his mother tells the story:

Nora Vondrell, SICSA’s executive director, hopes that this story will encourage people to see past the Pitbull’s stereotypes for what they truly are: “The message we are saying now [is] there are hundreds of thousands homeless animals in your community. We are trying to get past all kinds of labels. People believe shelter and rescue animals are misbehaved, unwanted or have diseases. The reality is they are wonderful and healthy.”

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