Homeless Man Skips Meals To Feed Stray Cats Till Social Media Steps In

Warunya Wattanasupachoke

The incredible man named Loong Dum lives in Thailand with no permanent housing. Although Loong is homeless, he devotes most of his time to care for his beloved stray cats, which also struggle to survive the streets of Thailand. 

The cats are the most important thing to this devoted cat-lover as he would even skip his own meals, so the adorable kitties won’t go hungry.

Warunya Wattanasupachoke

Recently, a woman named Warunya Wattanasupachoke noticed Loong Dum when he was selling limes at the market. She realized that he was homeless because he looked pretty dirty, but what really amazed her was his cause.

Warunya saw that Loong Dum hung a sign that reads that all of the proceeds from the limes will be used to buy food for his stray cats. She was touched by the man’s kindness and decided to purchase all of the limes at once.

Warunya Wattanasupachoke

Warunya truly admired Loong Dum’s heart; she couldn’t believe that someone in his situation could focus on helping others. She knew that her help will only last a day, and wanted to do more, and so she posted Loong Dum’s story on Facebook to raised awareness toward his cause.

The kind woman hoped that her gesture would help Loong Dum earn more money, so he could keep doing his outstanding work: feed the stray cats, and also get back on his feet. 

Warunya believes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover: although Loong Dum looks uninviting on the outside, he carries a big heart on the inside, and that’s all that truly matters. She hopes that more people will learn to see the good in Loong Dum and help him with his inspiring purpose.

Warunya Wattanasupachoke

The post has spread like wildfire, and many people expressed their wishes to help the kind-hearted man.

Thai people donated food, money, new clothes, and even a haircut to Loong Dum, hoping to support him and his cause. This just goes to show that social media could raise awareness and change our world for the better; when we use it the right way.

Warunya Wattanasupachoke
Warunya Wattanasupachoke

We hope that the recent donations will help him to care for his cats and himself because both of them deserve it.

Warunya Wattanasupachoke

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