Homeless Dogs Comfort Blind Elderly Lady Asleep By Riverbank

Dogs and humans have been sharing a close bond for ages. It was about 16,000 years ago when humans domesticated canines and turned into companions.

Recently, a Facebook user named Ake Srisuan posted a story that shows the immense love that dogs share with humans. He shared some photos of stray dogs that were standing in a muddy area for an unknown reason. Ake was intrigued and decided to investigate.

When Ake came a bit closer, he finally realized why the canines were standing in the muddy area – they were guarding a helpless woman.

We are not certain of the reason she lied there but Ake was deeply moved by the dogs’ devotion to the woman. The unlikely scenario surely warmed his heart and he thought that others would find the special moment incredible. And so he took some photos to share on Facebook and reactions weren’t long in coming.

The photos became viral pretty quickly, and local authorities were informed about the woman’s situation. Thankfully, officials hurried and supplied the woman with the required medical care. 

The canines were also taken to a vet and received the proper treatment. If it weren’t for the little heroes, this woman could have gone unnoticed and died all by herself. Thanks to their pure heart and keen instincts, they’ve saved her life.

Dogs tend to protect those in need, and love to be surrounded by others, just like wolves do. They naturally feel the need to keep everyone safe and sound, explaining the reason they stood by her side.

We hope that the courageous canines will find a forever home soon. Who knows? Maybe the lady would like to adopt them!

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  1. Joe Schmoe

    Awesome story on dogs but the photographer could have checked on the woman instead of them finding out from a viral post. He’d have been in hot water if she’d died. Sickening how all anyone is interested in anymore is going vital

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