Thirsty Homeless Dog Finds Bucket And Begs People For Water

Peru recently went through one of the worst droughts it ever experienced. Thousands of people lost their lives, while others had no choice but to abandon their homes. With the news focusing mostly on human suffering, many were left unaware of the animals’ equally harsh suffering. This video of a homeless dog who finds a bucket and begs people for water truly captures the suffering of Peru’s animals during the drought.

The video was taken in Peru’s capital city, Lima, on a scorching hot day. At the time, all open water sources were empty, and the ones remaining were contaminated with mud. Luckily as this video shows, this adorable homeless dog took things into his own paws after he finds a bucket, and begs passing people for water.

The video shows that someone already filled the doggo’s bucket with some water. The pooch, probably out of concern for what the future might hold, continues to walk and ask people for more. One passer-by naively pets the dog and tries to release the bucket from his mouth, but the dog refuses to let go. The poor homeless dog knows that his survival depends on his makeshift water bowl and that there’s no way he will be letting it go without a fight.

What happened to this poor stray pooch remains unknown. He is only one of the millions of homeless dogs worldwide who go through this pain and suffering daily. The moral of the story is that while we’re all busy keeping our heads above the water, some beings rely on us to help them survive through the day.

Watch the heartwarming homeless dog who finds a bucket and begs people for some water in the video below:

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