Homeless Dog Decides To Be Adopted By UPS Driver

While countless dogs wait in shelters for their future families, some dogs select their forever families all by themselves.

Meet Ernie, a determined pitbull-terrier mix from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter who decided it was time to choose his owner. When New Yorker Jason Coronado, was working at UPS as a driver, he had a life-changing encounter.


Ernie was out for a walk with his volunteer dog walker, Cindy Grisanti when they heard someone calling Ernie. Coronado saw Ernie and called him to come over. Ernie didn’t wait for a second and jumped into the van. The dog was ecstatic to meet the UPS driver, and they bonded right away.

The excited dog didn’t want to leave the van as if he decided to be adopted that minute. Then he leaned over Coronado who sat on the steps of the vehicle and started kissing his face.

While Ernie insisted on staying inside the truck, his dog walker tried to convince him to come back, but it was clear that the two fell in love.

When the two said goodbye Coronado couldn’t stop thinking about Ernie. A month later, he saw on social media that no one had adopted the poor pooch, he was heartbroken, so he started to think about adopting him. 

Coronado told his family about Ernie, and they decided to take him in. Happily, nearly a month after their encounter, Ernie was finally adopted.

They quickly became best friends, and they are undivided ever since. Coronado’s new furry companion follows him everywhere, he’s just hooked on his new owner.

The animal shelter was so happy to know that Ernie found his forever home.

These days the duo lives a wonderful life and cherish every moment they spend together. 

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