His Family Moved Away And Left Him Behind

People abandoning their dogs before they move out isn’t something rare. Hope For Paws gets plenty of calls regarding abandoned dogs in empty houses.

A heartless family moved out and decided to leave their two dogs alone to get by themselves. They didn’t understand where their family had gone and why didn’t they come back. The two poor pups lived under the house in a shaded hiding spot. They managed to survive thanks to compassionate neighbors who were aware of the heartbreaking situation and fed them for six months. 

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Since one of them was friendly and the other was scared of strangers, one of the neighbors adopted the friendly one so his dog sibling, that later named Flash, was left all alone.

Hopr For Paws

As Flash feared rescuers as well, they had a hard time getting close and rescue him, but they didn’t give up.

JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo are Hope For Paws rescuers who were determined to help the abandoned doggo. They tried to tempt him by using a box with food inside. But Flash was smarter and more terrified than they thought he was. He ate the food and once they went closer, he ran back.

The dedicated rescuers blocked the pathway to his hiding place so that when he tries to hide there it would be easier to catch him. As he tried to run away, the determined rescuers managed to snare him. The poor pup got really distressed but the rescuers showed him that they were there to help him and started to gain his trust.

It didn’t take long till he realized that he was in good hands. They pet him and showed him how loving they were and happily he didn’t resist, he even enjoyed it.

After a few checkups they discovered that he was a healthy dog and once he fully realizes there’s no need to be scared, he will go back to being a happy playful doggo. Thanks to Bark n’ Bitches, Flash has found a caring home that will never leave him.

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