Hilarious! This Huge Dog Is Sure He’s Still A Puppy

In the parents’ eyes, children will always be their babies. There’s no difference when it comes to dog owners. When our little pups grow to be adults, we still see them as our pups. But as they grow, they realize at some point that their puppyhood had passed.

This adorable pooch didn’t get the memo that he is a grown boy. The fact that his mom babies him doesn’t mean he’s still a puppy.

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This huge poodle got the whole thing wrong. He sits on his mother’s laps like a 10-pound-puppy! The adorable doggo lives in South Korea and apparently has it good with his dog sibling. One of his favorite things to do is jumping on his mom’s laps and rest for a bit.

Don’t miss the video of the huge poodle behaves like a baby!

It is clear that he enjoys every second of his mommy-time.

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