Hilarious Puppy Expresses Her Unwillingness To Get A Haircut

Many dogs don’t find getting haircuts quite enjoyable, but either is Oreo.

Bobbie Lee

When Oreo the pup was brought to the vet clinic in Leesburg, Georgia, she was super friendly and outgoing. But when the 11-week-old realized she was about to get a haircut, her attitude turned around in a second. 

She wouldn’t let them touch her beautiful fur without her consent. The Shih Tzu was all good with the way she already looked, didn’t want any changes or hands on her fur.

Once they put her on the table, she started arguing and making hilarious voices. It was clear that Oreo didn’t want to go along with the haircut process, and the staff members were cracked up at the Oreo’s voices.

Here’s the side-splitting video:

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