Hilarious Horse Pretends To Be Dead When People Try To Ride Him

We can all be quite lazy at times. While chores are waiting just for us to get them done, we rather lie down on the sofa and watch one more episode on Netflix. But those who are extremely lazy should learn how to keep lazy time to a moderate and healthy amount.

But learning how to get rid of laziness isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you are a silly horse who rather eating carrots and lie down on the comfy ground instead of doing what he is asked for.

A goofy horse believes that horsing around is funnier than letting people ride him.

Meet Jingang, his only ambition in life is chilling around without having others telling him what to do. But as he does whatever he wants, the people who ride him aren’t much pleased as he is.

He would go above and beyond just to avoid letting people ride him, even pretend to be dead. While the silly horse is a bit naughty, no one can deny the fact that it’s absolutely adorable!

It shows us that animals can be lazy as much as humans are.

Frasisco Zalasar posted the adorable horse on Facebook, and the video of the overly-theatrical horse has spread like wildfire as soon as it was published with more than 82K people liked it and 632K netizens sharing it.

The internet community is smitten by the adorable horse who just wants to eat some carrots instead of working hard.

Watch the hilarious video down below:

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