Hilarious Dad Plays Doctor To His Dog’s Stuffed Animal

Every creature has its best companion, and Lucky’s partner in crime is an adorable teddy bear. Although the brown teddy bear has lost its stuffing, Lucky still adores it and loves spending every waking moment with it. 

Lucky refuses to let his stuffed animal go, he even carries it outside when he goes for a walk and never lets him out of eyeshot.

Seemingly, something caught Lucky’s attention, and he accidentally forgot his beloved bear outside. But Lucky wasn’t that lucky because a storm was heading their way. 

The bear was lying on the sidewalk during the whole snowstorm, but happily, his parents were back to look for him the next morning.

Although the bear was in bad condition, Lucky’s dad didn’t give up on it and decided to save Lucky’s friend. He made himself a doctor and fitted the sopping wet bear with faux IV and medical arm cuff.

Lucky’s dad was worried about the bear’s condition and texted his daughter, Michaella Wallace, updates regarding the poor bear.

Seemingly, the patient was stable, so Lucky’s dad let him and his dog sister, Laci pay him a visit.  And shortly after the visit, the teddy bear was back on track and was ready to be back into Lucky’s paws.

After Michaella shared the incredible rescue story on Twitter, it has spread like wildfire and amassed thousands of reactions and retweets.

Michaella said that her dad is hilarious, and it was only a matter of time before the internet will fall for his brilliant humor. She said he always went above and beyond to make her and mom laugh. Since he has always been very busy at work, he wanted to spend the time they had together to its fullest.

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