Hilarious “Beware of Feisty Cat” Signs Are Getting Popular

Many people tend to post warning signs against aggressive canines. But what about “sweet” kitty cats?! Some loving, comical owners have wised up and decided to let any passers-by know that they have a fiery or a shady cat in their backyard.

Our cat is super shady, just so you know!
Thirsty cat.
We have our very own PI.
Pet sitter issues.
This shady cat…
Don’t step on the “catpet”!
Forget the dog… The one you need to worry about is the kitty!
Martial arts kitty.
Cats protect this entire neighborhood.
That’s an enormous cat!
Come in if you wish, but bring a kleenex.
Can I be attacked?
Try to get in with this fat cat on duty!

Images Source: imgur

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