Hilarious “Bad Moods” Animal Illustrations That Will Cheer You Up

“I don’t carrot all”

Words are limitless, but  there are times in which we try to describe what we feel but it’s just impossible. And yet, sometimes one glimpse in someone’s direction can tell us exactly how he feels.

We all have some lousy days in which we feel that no one understands us. Luckily, Lim Heng Swee the illustrator knows exactly how we feel, so he illustrated it all in a way that will make our day much better.

Lim Heng Swee is a Malaysian witty artist who creates some brilliant artistic series with hilarious captions that include “I don’t carrot all” bunny drawing or an owl that is “owl by myself”.

Swee’s drawings cheer us up by making us feel we are not alone when it comes to moody moods.

The Malaysian illustrator hopes to make people smile through her creative illustrations.Step by on Swee’s Instagram. The illustrations are available on Society6 and Etsy.

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