Hilarious Animal Comics That Will Make Your Day

Liz Climo is a brilliant artist who made her breakthrough a few years ago, and now we are obsessed. The witty artist illustrates animal comics that make our day much funnier.

The goofy characters that Liz creates are the sweetest thing, she really knows how to draw our attention and touch our hearts. Her comics collections are addictive, once you read one, the need for more never leaves you.  

Her illustrations feature adorable animals such as curious rat, silly dog and a pessimistic turtle. Their dynamic is really special in a way that makes us wonder about the topic at hand and laugh all together.

Climo imagines in her work how all kind of animals would react in various situations, such as the first day of school or snoring issues.  

The clever artist keeps surprising us and making us laugh. Her beautiful work which was printed on greeting cards, books and calendars are available on Amazon!

For more updates of Liz’s brilliant work go to her website

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