Brave Hikers Seriously Risk Their Lives To Rescue Their Stranded Puppy

Anyone who ever owned a pet, and it doesn’t even matter what kind, knows that pets are just like any other family member. The brave people in this story surely know that. The heroic hikers went out of their way, and put their lives in serious danger to rescue their stranded puppy after he fell down a steep slope.

It all started when a group of close friends decided to go on a hiking trip to Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Colorado. One of them, a 25-year-old woman from Denver, Colorado, knew she couldn’t leave her 3-month old pup alone for such a long time, so she decided to bring him along for the hike.

As always, everything went perfectly fine – until it didn’t. When the group got to a narrow path on the edge of a steep slope, the pup took a bad step and found himself rolling 15 feet down the slope. Luckily, the pup managed to reach a safe ledge, but he was stranded and couldn’t get back to his hoomans, who watched him helplessly from above.

Worried that the pooch will fall from the ledge, one brave group member quickly followed the pup and carefully slid down the slope towards him. Sadly, the man failed to steer himself towards the pup and ended up (safely) at the bottom of the slope.

The next one to try her luck was the pup’s momma, but she too failed to reach her doggo. She lost her grip while climbing down and slid fast down the slope. Luckily her friend at the bottom managed to soften her fall.

It was all up to the last man who was left at the top. Seeing that his friends didn’t have much luck, the man decided to call Telluride Fire Protection District and The San Miguel County Search and Rescue, who arrived at the scene in about 30 minutes.

Unlike their amateur counterparts, the professional rescuers managed to quickly save everyone, humans, and doggos. Happily, after being examined by doctors at the hospital, all the brave hikers were released back home without any serious injuries.

It’s heartwarming to see that there are pet parents like these hikers who’d put their lives at risk to rescue their stranded puppy.

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