He’s A Burn Victim Survivor And Trained To Be A Burn Victim Therapy Dog

Meet Taka, he is a burn victim himself that is trained to be a therapy dog for other burn victims.

Taka (via WRDW)

The tragic day was in October last year when his home in Georgia went on fire. Sadly, Taka was inside the house and got injured. The poor boy lost his face fur, and his recovery prosses was long. But the hardest part was his emotional trauma.

He was adopted by Crystal Lesley, his vet, who wasn’t confident that she could permanently keep him. The Shiba Inu didn’t get along with her other pooches and often started to fight with them.

Happily, things had turned around for the better thanks to a trainer’s great work. After Lesley started to cooperate with the dog trainer, the sessions worked incredibly, and he was getting better. 

Apparently, you can teach an old dog new tricks! With lots of dedication and motivation, Taka is now a friendly dog to other canines, too, and moreover, he spends his time helping burn victims.

Taka (via WRDW)

The founder of the Canine Training Project, Mandy Foster, said that it’s never too late for a dog to be re-trained. It started with learning the basics and ensuring he would be able to listen in a distracting environment.

He’s now training to become a therapy dog, but before that, he needs to get his AKC Canine Good Citizen. Taka has the perfect personality for it, and his past incident makes him even more delicate and understanding.

Taka (via WRDW)

Crystal is thankful for Mandy’s and Taka’s help and said: “Because of her I can keep Taka. To see that he could be an encouragement or at least a light at the end of the tunnel for a child or anybody that has gone through what he’s gone through is what all of this is about.”

Crystal and Taka (via Care More Animal Hospital)

He is working hard to get his Canine Good Citizen certification so he can start his training to help burn victims as a certified therapy dog.

Taka (via WRDW)

From a burn victim to a burn victim dog therapy, what an inspiring story.

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