Heroic Golden Leaps Into The Water To Rescue A Drowning Baby Deer

As it is a well known fact that dogs are the best, they continue to surprise us every day!

One day, a man named Mark Freeley has decided to take his Golden Retriever, Storm, for a stroll down the beach of Long Island, New York. The two were playing and having the time of their lives when they suddenly noticed something in the water.  

They didn’t know what it was, but something inside of Storm had woken up, and he instinctively ran towards the water, to see what it was all about.

When Mark came near, he realized the animal in the water was no other than a helpless fawn. The canine jumped into the water and swam all the way to the drowning animal. When he reached her, he grabbed onto her neck and headed back to shore. It was a flawless rescue mission.

The incredible sight warmed passersby’s heart and thankfully Mark recorded the entire rescue on camera! It went viral within minutes…

Storm, the canine was brave and courageous and Mark was very proud.

Once the two were out of the water, it was a big relief. Although Storm could’ve just gone back to his life as an amazing hero, he preferred to stay with the fawn and keep her warm after her traumatic experience.

Storm stayed with the fawn until the Strong Island Animal Rescue’s staff had arrived to care for the tiny fawn.

Just when you thought that the story was close to an end, surprisingly the fawn went into shock, and hopped into the water again!

Thankfully, at that moment, the staff was already there, and one of the volunteers, Frankie Floridia quickly leaped into the water to save the distressed animal. There’s no doubt that this sweet fawn is lucky!

The deer was seen by a medical expert. Now, the fawn is recovering from her trauma and injuries steadily, and hopefully in about two months she’ll be on track. 

What an incredible rescue mission! Watch Storm’s heroic act on the video below.

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