Hero Adopts Dog With Tumor And Makes His Final Days Unforgettable

Taking care of ill dogs isn’t an easy task but luckily there are good-hearted people that would go above and beyond to make dogs lives worth living. 
Thanos, is an incredible dog who appreciates every waking moment, was rejected by four families for he was diagnosed with cancer and had a huge tumor in his head.

But thanks to Luciano Karosas from Berazategui, Argentina, Thanos had something good coming. The 21-year-old hero heard about the poor pooch’s story and took it as a task to take care of him. 
After Karosas was told by the vets that there was no way to extend Thanos’s life, he decided to make Thanos’s final days the best a dog could have.
Karosas was happy to see that although the doggo has a massive tumor in his head, he was a playful pooch that wanted to play and have some cuddle time with his new pal.


As pet owners, it’s hard to adjust to the fact that our pets will be gone one day no matter for what reason. That’s the reason it’s important to make each day count and make sure they spend their last moment at a happy and loving place.


The dog lover spent with him his final days, he surrounded him with endless love and affection. Thank you Karosas for being a hero and making Thanos’s last moments full of love.

Here are common cancer signs in pets: bad breath, bloating, masses, weight loss or loss of appetite.

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