Her Husband Made Her Choose Between Him And The Rescue Dogs, She Chose The Dogs

While it might sound weird to people who never owned a pet, for pet parents, a pet is an inseparable part of the family. When the husband of this woman set an ultimatum and demanded that she’d choose between him and the dogs, she didn’t have to hesitate for even a second.

Liz first met her (ex) husband Mike when she was only 16 years old. After finishing high school at 18, the couple, who were deeply in love, got married. At the time, the two believed that they were inseparable soulmates.

They moved into a two-bedroom country home in Barnham, Suffolk, England. The two had their son Ollie and lived in the peaceful English countryside for more than 25 years. Being in a rural area, the house had a nice big yard that allowed Liz to establish her lifelong dream business – Beds for Bullies. The business \ foundation gives a warm foster home for homeless Bull Terriers. Liz’s love for animals and Bull Terriers, in particular, must have come from her mother, who raised West Highland Terriers for a living, and her father who owned a pet food company.

25 years of marriage left a toll on the two. Liz’s husband Mike, grew tired of his wife’s obsession with dogs. He began to realize that their lives revolved around the needy doggos, as most of them had either a medical or a behavioral issue, that kept them from being adopted into forever homes. Mike couldn’t take it anymore and confronted his wife. He made her choose between the dogs and him. To Liz, the answer was as clear as day. 

After being married for 25 years, Liz never heard from Mike ever since. The ultimatum caught Liz by surprise, as Mike always knew that dogs were a huge part of her life. Over time the two drifted apart with Mike becoming increasingly more occupied by his career and Liz investing more and more of her time in Beds for Bullies.

Ever since she separated from Mike, Liz devoted herself to her foundation entirely. The Bull Terriers in her shelter require 18 hours of work each day. To Liz, that’s the most trivial thing to do.

Beds for Bullies currently houses 200 dogs. The main income of the business comes from donations and a small side business that fosters pets while their owners are away. Seeing how much Liz cares and loves these doggos, we’re certain beyond any doubt, that she’d made the right choice when choosing to separate from her husband. Keep up the good work Liz, thank you!

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