Her Black Eyebrows Brought Her From The Streets Of Russia To The Social Media Front

Meet Betty, a sweet homeless pup who was found roaming the streets of Bratsk, Russia, and has become a social media sensation. The 10-year-old canine was brought to a local shelter, where staffers noticed an unlikely feature on her face.

When the employees looked at her face for the first time, they noticed distinctive black eyebrows – the kind that they had never seen before. Their initial assumption was that a cruel individual painted black eyebrows on her face, but when they tried to clean the marks off her face, they were shocked to learn that her black eyebrows were natural.

The special eyebrows were like birthmarks, which made the staffers name her Frida since her bushy eyebrows, resembled the renowned Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

The excited employees couldn’t help but taking pictures of the adorable pup and share them with the world in hopes someone great would be smitten by her and want to adopt her. Happily, social media fell in love with her instantly for all the right reasons.

Reactions and messages had started pouring in, proposing to adopt the four-legged sweetie. Oksana was one of the netizens who were captivated by Frida’s charm, and she felt like they belonged together.

She went to the shelter hoping to adopt the adorable pup, where she found out many potential adopters visited her as well but refused to adopt her due to the way she looked in reality.

But Oksana didn’t mind at all; she even cried with happiness the first time she held Frida in her arms, knowing that she had found her perfect furry companion.

When she took Frida home, she decided to name her Betty. It took time for Betty to settle in at her new home. Betty was overwhelmed by all the changes she had been through. Oksana even had to carry her all the way to the vet’s clinic to give her the medical attention she needed. But since then, Betty was growing in size and personality and started to thrive.

According to Oksana, Betty is affectionate, friendly, adores children, and most importantly, they make each other happy.

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