Hen Covered With Heart Shaped Marks Has Become A Social Media Sensation

Nature is full of surprises. This time, it warms people’s hearts with an adorable creation, a ‘Heart Hen.’

Generally speaking, all hens usually look similar to each other. But this magnificent hen left social media shocked.

As there are numerous chicken breeds, each and every one of them has distinctive features. Unlike other bird breeds, there are over 150 different chicken breeds.

When a popular Facebook page posted a picture of a unique bird on social media, it spread like wildfire, making the beautiful bird the center of attention.

The unique bird has distinctive black hearts on her feathers, causing people to believe the photo was photoshopped. Netizens were smitten by the lovely bird and had to share it with the world.

The hen is mostly white with black, it has heart marks, and as you can see, it’s something totally different from the regular brown chickens we usually see.


A DNA analysis of chicken bones from northern China, shows that the chicken breed is about 10,500 years old. The bones were found buried beneath a peat bog. Seemingly, it is related to the red jungle fowl.

The paleogeneticist, Prof. Michi Hofreiter at the University of Postdam in Germany and the University of York, said, “These are really exciting results as they suggest that societies with mixed agriculture developed in northern China around the same time they did so in the Near East. Our analyses also suggest that northern China represents one region of the earliest chicken domestication.”
Hofreiter added, “Moreover, our results support the idea that multiple members of the genus Gallus, specifically Gallus gallus and Gallus sonneratii (grey jungle fowl) contributed to the gene pool of the modern domestic chicken.”

Experts found DNA from 10,500-year-old fossilized bones and confirmed in their research that the bones are a part of the same lineage as the chickens that we usually see.


One thing we are all sure of – this hen is probably the most adorable out there! 

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