Heartwarming Picture of Newborn Koala Clinging to Its Mom During Her Surgery

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Humans aren’t the only creature on earth who knows how to show affection and compassion to others.

When a baby koala couldn’t let go of his mom during her life-saving surgery, it was fortunately captured and shared with the whole world.

Lizzy the Koala was brought to the wildlife hospital as her son clung to her body all the way. Sadly, the poor mom had been hit by a car while her 420-gram baby was in her pouch. Luckily good Samaritan contacted the local conservatory to get some help. 

As the injured Koala was taken to the hospital in the Australian Zoo, her baby couldn’t let go of her and started to scream each time they tried to remove him from her. The tiny Koala was just six months old, and they named him Phantom.

As she underwent her surgery to fix her collapsed lung, her son was there, clinging on to her not letting go. Happily, Lizzy survived the surgery and was taken to rehabilitation at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital with her loving son by her side.

Following the successful operation and her amazing caretakers, they both were moved to the outside koala wards at the hospital where they could enjoy the weather and even socialize with other koalas.

When the duo was finally ready to be released in the wild it was an emotional moment for all the caretakers. 

Here’s the incredible video of the two go back home to the wild:

People are smitten with the newborn koala’s love for his beloved mommy. It goes without saying that they have gone extremely viral.

After learning about koalas, we’ve discovered that besides being adorable, they are social animals as well. Plus, there’s no love like a mother and child’s love.

We wish the two adorable koalas will take care and stay safe. What an incredible story!

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