Heartwarming! Man Is Forced To Surrender His Pup And Promises To Re-Adopt Him Soon

It starts when Lewis Jiminez adopts his 8-month-old baby canine from the Austin Animal Center in 2013 not knowing that life’s circumstances will leave him no choice but surrendering him to the animal shelter due to dispute with a landlord in 2017. 

Four months later, Jiminez found his beloved pitbull puppy, Titus, and he luckily was able to adopt him again. Although it was probably tough for the little pup to hang on in the shelter, fortunately, no one adopted Titus, and he was reunited with his dad at last.

During the time they were separated, Jiminez looked for housing that would allow pets. Moreover, he came every now and then to visit his furry companion, who patiently waited for him the whole time. 

The staff was happy to see the two friends back together forever.

Austin Animal Center

The Austin Animal Center was touched by the emotional reunion and wrote on Facebook:

“These pictures right here make our hearts so happy.
Titus has been with us for 4 months. His family was forced to surrender him due to problems with their apartment complex, but they’ve been moving mountains to bring him home ever since.

Titus has been stressed out at the shelter and generally having a tough time. His family would come visit him, but we can’t imagine the heartbreak for them or him every time they had to leave without him. They had raised him from puppyhood; they were the only family he’s ever known.

Yesterday was the day we’ve all been waiting for. With new housing in place, Titus’ dad came to take him home. And as you can see from the photos, happiness is an understatement for this moment. 😍❤️”

A neighbor from Jiminez’s apartment building didn’t like the idea of having a pit bull living in the building and consistently complained to the building management. Jiminez went above and beyond to keep Titus without having people complaining, and so he took him for walks at unlikely hours such as 4 AM so nobody could see Titus.

Austin Animal Center

One day, when Jiminez’s 10-year-old grandson took the beloved pooch for a stroll, one of the neighbors came across them, and he claimed that Titus harmed his finger. Jiminez is confident that his beloved doggo was trying to protect the 10-year-old.

Jiminez couldn’t afford being evicted at that time, so he did the hardest thing – returning his partner in crime to the Austin Animal Center. He promised he would come to take him back one day and paid him visits whenever he could.

Happily, with 97.9 percent live release rate it was almost a completely no-kill shelter, but Jiminez was still worried that someone else would adopt him before he finds a solution.

Austin Animal Center

Luckily, for months later, he found a rental that needed some fixing up but allowed Titus.             

Titus is so happy that he will never be alone again and is constantly loved while Jiminez is over the moon he got his beloved pal back.

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