Heartbroken Pitbull Cries In His Kennel After His Family Desserted Him

The way some humans view animals is just maddening. People think that the fact that animals can’t speak or fight back means that they can treat them like garbage. The owners of this heartbroken Pitbull decided they don’t want him anymore and dumped him at a local high-kill shelter where he cries himself to sleep every night. Thankfully one kind woman crossed paths with him and gave him another chance.

The owners of the Pitbull, named Blue, dumped him at the high-kill shelter when they moved. The doggo was a burden that slowed them down, and they just wanted him out of their way. When Blue first got to the shelter, he couldn’t wrap his head around why his humans left him there all alone like that. All that he wanted was to be back with them. After a few days at the shelter, Blue came to realize that they weren’t coming back for him. He snuggled in the corner of his kennel and cried real genuine tears. He was devastated. The staff at the shelter noticed how miserable Blue was and tried to console him. They gave him treats, talked to him, took him on walks, but sadly nothing seemed to help the doggo overcome his family’s absence.

Desperate to cheer the pooch, the staff posted his story on social media, where Blue broke everyone’s hearts. Jennifer McKay, an animal lover, saw Blue’s tearing eyes and knew she had to do something to help him. The next day she came by the shelter, filled the adoption forms, and brought Blue back home with her. People following the post were thrilled to hear the good news. One commenter wrote: “OMG…this just breaks my heart. His family should be ashamed of themselves. Thank God he has been adopted. Hope they spoil him with hugs and kisses every day.”

Blue’s road to recovery was still long and nowhere near complete, but at least he was off for a good start in a loving environment. Now, thanks to the endless love he got from Jennifer, Blue learned to trust humans once again. Another person who commented on the post summed the whole moral of the story. He wrote: “People who discarded a dog with little thought probably shouldn’t have pets! Pets are a commitment for the life of the pet. His tears and crying broke my heart but so happy he has a loving forever home!”

Watch Blue’s road to recovery here:

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