Heartbroken Dog Waits On The Porch For His Family To Return, Weeks After They’ve Moved Away

Nothing about the day Cupid’s family moved out and left him all alone seemed unusual to him. After all, it wasn’t the first time he saw them loading big boxes and heavy suitcases into their car. Not realizing what’s going on, Cupid tried to join his family, but they wouldn’t let him in the car with them. And so, Cupid was left behind on his own, watching as his family drove away, slowly disappearing beyond the horizon for the last time.

The only place Cupid knew was his family’s home, so all he could do now was to eagerly wait for them to return on the house’s back porch. At first, Cupid tried everything he could to call his humans. He wept for hours, and desperately scratched the door, begging to be let in. 

As the days turned to weeks, the poor doggo slowly lost hope. He adapted to the stray life, turning to the neighborhood’s trash cans as his main food source.

When a neighbor saw the distressed dog, he immediately called Janine Guido, founder of The Speranza Animal Rescue Shelter. Guido rushed to the address and spotted the starving dog fiercely digging in a trash can in search of food.

Guido attempted to approach Cupid, but the frightened dog instantly ran away to his family’s porch and began frantically scratching the door, asking to be let in. This desperate act shattered Guido’s heart.

After 30 minutes of trying to earn Cupid’s trust, in any way known to her, Guido finally succeeded by calmly telling him that everything is going to be OK. As strange as it sounds, as soon as Cupid heard these words, he slowly neared the lady, sat down, let her leash him, and calmly jumped into her car.

At the time of writing, Cupid is still at the shelter receiving treatment. According to Guido, the pooch is slowly getting accustomed to his new environment, though it’s apparent that he’s still very confused.

Cupid will soon be available for adoption. For more information contact:

The Speranza Animal Rescue Shelter

(717) 609-6020

1216 Brandt Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055An adoption form can also be filled here

This story shows how loyal and loving Cupid is. Let’s all pitch in and help him find a loving forever home!

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