Heartbreaking Moment Owner Returns to Re-Adopt His Dog Caught On Camera

When Lewis Jimenez arrived at the Austin Animal Center back in 2013, he didn’t plan on getting a Pitbull. That was of course until he met Titus. The combination of Titus’s charming demeanor, with the fact that like his breed, Jimenez also suffered from stigmatization as an ex-prisoner, led him to fall in love with the pooch.

At the time Jimenez couldn’t imagine that anything could ever separate them.

The two lived together for the next five years and formed a profound bond. Jimenez used to describe Tito as his “other half.”

Jimenez spent 20 years in prison and is no stranger to life’s “rougher sides”. Despite being committed to “do right, do good, help people out”, since his release, Jimenez has experienced the difficulties of carrying the burdens of the past and suffered from discrimination as an ex-prisoner wherever he went. Jimenez knew his neighbors weren’t happy with Titus being a Pitbull, so he only took him on walks when there was no one else around, at 4 a.m. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough.

One day after they’ve received complaints from numerous neighbors, the building management informed Jimenez that he had to either get rid of Titus or be evicted.

The surprise notice didn’t give Jimenez enough time to find a new apartment or even try and find enough funds for the deposit needed for a new apartment. He desperately tried calling his friends, but no one could help him, with temporarily housing Titus until he finds a new apartment. And so, Jimenez was forced to do the unthinkable and leave Titus in the shelter where he initially adopted him from.

Jimenez brought Titus to the shelter and asked if they could only hold him for a few months until he finds a new home. The shelter’s staff had to refuse. They’ve heard owners say that many times before. People rarely return for their dogs once they’ve spent a few months at the shelter. But the staff soon discovered that Jimenez’s case was different.

The 53-year-old man came back to visit his pooch every single week, hugging him strongly and promising that soon they’ll reunite. Titus was thrilled to see his owner every time and almost broke his kennel in excitement. They were both devastated when their visits had to come to an end. On top of that, Jimenez knew that Titus found it extremely hard to adjust to the shelter’s cold concrete floor and the loud environment, after spending the last 5 years in a loving home with him. Leaving his pooch there, was heartbreaking and brought him to tears every time.

Then the day they’ve both eagerly waited for finally came, Jimenez found a new home with a huge yard that Titus could run around in freely! He rushed to the shelter to get his dog.

The staff at the shelter knew deep inside that Jimenez wasn’t like the other people who just left their dogs there for good. They took the adorable pictures from the moment of the couple’s reunion and posted it on their Facebook page. You can just see how happy they are to finally be together.

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Watch the video outlining their heartwarming story:

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