He Took His Cat To Prom After False Efforts To Get A Date

A prom is a meaningful event for many, and not finding a date to share the special moment with can be heartbreaking for some.

When a teen couldn’t find a date for the once in a lifetime event, he came up with a brilliant idea. Sam Steingard was disappointed he couldn’t get a date, so he decided to bring something else with him and took the internet by a storm.

Instead of asking one of his relatives to be his date, he asked his beloved feline to join him and guess what- she said yes!

The photos of the unlikely pair give a mixed endearing and hilarious feeling. With the help of mother Joanne, Sam, and his cat, Ruby looked great together and even had matching outfits.

Sam’s sister, Caroline said, that their mom bought Ruby a sparkly collar and a dress. Sam figured that having his adorable cat is the perfect solution for the non-ideal situation.

Ruby has been a part of the family for over a decade, and they adore her! Caroline adds that Sam and Ruby have formed a special bond, and he pampers her with treats even now and then.

Ruby was found behind a Ruby Tuesday’s restraint all alone, and that’s how she got her name. The adorable feline is friendly and affectionate; she loves being surrounded by people, get their attention, and greet the neighbors.

The loyal cat used to walk her human sister, Caroline, to school, wait for her outside after school and walk her back home.

Both Sam and Caroline went to college, and they both miss her so much and can’t wait to spend time with her when they get home.

You can see in the photos the look on Ruby’s face when she looks at Sam; it’s clear that she adores him.

After the story was shared on social media, the picture has made its rounds, and people have fallen in love with the two. With millions of netizens have seen the original photo on Imgur, it was shared among several platforms as well, and some even started a photoshop battle.

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