He Lost His Owner And Waited For 4 Years Till Someone Posted His Pic

Thai man named  Anuchit Uncharoen shared this pooch’s story recently on social media. His name is Leo and he was spotted by the road acting as he got lost. Goodhearted passersby asked around about the abandoned dog and learned that he had been waiting there for about four years.

A good Samaritan named Pinnuchawet, who also happened to be a stray animal feeder, found the poor pup wandering the street, emaciated. The right course of action seemed pretty clear, and so she brought him to her home, but unfortunately, he escaped and found himself back at the same place he was abandoned.

It was clear that Leo didn’t want any home; he wanted his home. Every time Pinnuchawet tried to make him go after her, he refused to leave that spot, but she kept on coming back to feed him. When she couldn’t go, she would send her family members to feed the abandoned dog.

When compassionate people saw Leo’s story on social media, they couldn’t help but sharing it in hopes Leo will find his lost owners.

Surprisingly, a family that lost its dog, BonBon, several years back, reached out, saying the canine on the original post seemed like their missing four-legged companion.

BonBon’s owner claimed that they traveled to visit family, and when they stopped at a gas station, they were shocked to see BonBon was gone.

Watch the loyal dog waits for his owner:

They assumed that their beloved dog jumped out of the car, probably seeing something intriguing, but after a long search, he was nowhere to be found.

Noi and the family were completely heartbroken, thinking that BonBon had died. But when they saw the Facebook post, they were over the moon to see he was still alive.

After a short time, they came to be reunited with their missing dog and take him back home. The reunion was extremely emotional, both BonBon and his family was so happy that they could barely contain the happiness. BonBon was so excited that he could barely follow Noi home.

Once again, social media shows us that it does lots of positive things.

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