Happy Union Of A Golden Pup And His Canine Baby Sister Has Gone Viral

Canine siblings are usually at an early age; that’s why this story is just so touching.

His biological sister was brought to him inside a shopping bag when she was only eight weeks old. The moment he realized it was her, he couldn’t contain his happiness and started playing with her right away.

Thankfully, the owners were smart enough to film the entire scene on video. The happy union has become one of the most viral videos on social media.

Boomer’s sister, Bella, is only 2-month-old. She doesn’t even know that she has a biological brother just yet. As she’s hiding playfully inside the shopping bag, Boomer already feels like something exciting is about to happen.

Boomer runs towards the bag, but one of his owners stops him from getting close because they want the moment to be just perfect but Boomer hardly sustains his patience.

After what seems like FOREVER, Boomer is finally let in by his human parents. They walk in with his beautiful little puppy sister. There’s no wonder why called her Bella!

The moment he lays his eyes on her, Boomer is filled with so much love, it’s almost as if he has hearts in his eyes. He rushes to welcome his baby sister into the family. Bella is ecstatic as well; she jumps out of the shopping bag and speeds to meet her older brother for the first time.

The tiny golden starts to get to know her surroundings, by sniffing absolutely everything and Boomer is very impatient; all he wants is to sniff his sister and start playing with her!

Boomer loses his patience and runs towards Bella. He starts to tease Bella and encourages her to notice him and play with him.

They play together happily, as Boomer shows her some tough love and teaches her the rules of the game of life. They instantly created a genuine bond between one another. It happened so quickly, which is so heartwarming. It just goes to show that familial relationships are unique for all humans and animals.

Bella is thrilled by everything she sees; you can tell that everything is just so new to her. It takes time to settle in a new home, but the happy puppy is delighted to discover the world.

In a few days, she’ll probably spend most of the time playing with her big brother and becoming a loving, integral part of the family. 

She has a very thrilling and happy life awaiting her.

The two siblings are so adorable that over 9.5 million people have already viewed their sweet video.

So many people fall in love with these cuties every second, and the comments are utterly heartwarming.

To enjoy the meet-cute that has gone viral, watch the video below. You won’t be able to stop, trust us. 

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