Heartwarming Moment A Guy Takes Off His Shirt And Gives It To A Shivering Stray Dog

Seeing a stray animal suffering is even more heart wrenching for someone who rescued one in the past, knowing how easy it is to change their lives around. One man from São Paulo, Brazil, recently encountered a helpless pooch shivering in a subway station in the city. A video showing how the compassionate man takes off his shirt and gives it to the freezing stray dog took the internet by storm.

Fernando and Felipe Gabriel were standing in line to get on the subway in São Paulo when something caught their attention. It was the coldest day recorded that year, and a helpless stray dog was sitting in the corner of the station, shivering from the cold.

While Gabriel stood and looked at the stray, his brother Felipe already sprung into action. Gabriel noticed that Felipe was taking his backpack off, and (luckily for us), started filming him. Felipe took off his sweatshirt, then his t-shirt, and covered the shivering doggo with it. The only thing that was more moving the act of kindness itself was the complete casual manner in which he did it all.

Gabriel, who rarely shares anything on social media, made an exception. He shared the video showing his brother’s act of kindness. As you probably expected (and he didn’t), the video quickly took the internet by storm. In case you’re still not convinced that Felipe’s act was done out of pure altruistic reasons, we later learned from Gabriel’s post that it was one of his brother’s favorite shirts.

On their trip back, the brothers looked for the stray dog, wanting to take him back home with them. They wanted to find him a warm and dry forever home but he was sadly nowhere to be found. While the two wished they could have done more for him, the mere notion that he’s slightly drier and warmer brings us some consolation.

Watch the video showing how the man gives his shirt to the shivering stray dog here:


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