Grumpy-Looking Tabby Is Actually The Sweetest Cat Ever

Things are often very different than what they first seem just like this grumpy-looking cat, who’s actually one of the sweetest and friendliest tabbies out there.

A woman from Akron, Ohio noticed a grumpy-looking stray cat wandering around her house. Seeing the kitty’s scowly face, the woman thought the last thing he wanted was her company. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Over the next few days, the cat began to feel more comfortable with her, and little by little came closer to her. It was then that the woman noticed that the stray was covered from head to tail with fleas. She contacted Riggi Rescue and asked for their help.

Just like the kind woman, the people at the rescue shelter were also initially put off by the cat’s angry appearance. Happily, it didn’t take them long to realize what a sweetheart he really is!

The staff at the rescue figured that such a unique cat deserves a special name. They decided to name him Giggles to hopefully reassure potential adopters that he’s not as he appears. Sadly, the days passed and no one came forward to adopt the grumpy-looking cat.

It was when Riggi Rescue posted the cat’s picture on their Facebook page that things took a turn for the better. People fell in love with the kitten’s frowning face and his pictures were shared thousands of times. With fame came an inundation of adoption requests.

Luckily, the shelter was able to track down just the right parents for lovely Giggles. From the very first time they met, it seemed as if Giggle’s new parents and the cat knew each other from before. The cat walked straight up to them and started rubbing against them.

Following his enormous success on Instagram, Riggi Rescue decided to make Giggles their spokeskitten, hoping he’ll help get more people to adopt their strays. The moral of the story is, of course, that things are often very different than they seem, so never judge a cat (or any other animal) by its cover!

H/T – The Dodo

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