Groomer Gets His Dog Clients Pose For The Most Adorable Nativity Scene

Whether you are religious or secular, this adorable photo will definitely warm your heart.

Christmas is here, and people go out of their ways to make a unique Christmas photo. But when dogs are included, we all can agree that it is much more amusing.

Creative groomers decided to take the holy Christmas spirit to the next level. What better way to charm the world than orchestrating a nativity scene with adorable happy clients who play along?

You can find this Christmas symbol almost everywhere during the holidays, but this kind of nativity scene can be found only in this photo.

Groomers at Wags To Riches, England, had a lightbulb moment when they thought about making an unforgettable Christmas photo. They decided to fresh it up by putting together their own nativity scene, and instead of dolls, they asked their kind four-legged clients to string along with their fun idea.

You probably wonder how they managed to achieve the impossible and got them to pose in a perfect formation for a holiday photo. Well, the owners of Wags to Riches revealed the secret and said that the biscuits did the whole work. No dog would refuse a delicious biscuit!

As you can see, there’s a fake puppy in the manger, but the other pups are completely real and seemingly, disciplined clients.

We have been coming across many creative Christmas photos, but this one is definitely one to remember.

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