Greek Dentist Quits Job To Build Dog Shelter For Abandoned Dogs

Greece’s debt crisis, which ultimately led to the collapse of Greece’s bond market had a lot of impacts not only on humans but on animals as well. Dog owners couldn’t afford to have dogs any longer, so poor dogs found themselves living on the streets and fending for their lives.

The abandoned dog crisis was horrible; thousands of dogs were completely lost, trying to understand how to survive on their own. They were all used to live indoors, at a safe place and in a matter of a day, their lives had completely turned around.

Takis Shelter

Theoklitos Proestakis was a man who took action in order to help the hapless canines. Takis was a dentist from Lerapetra, Crete Island, Greece. One day he went to the dumpster and came across a pack of ill, emaciated and injured dogs. He was completely shocked by sight so he did the least he could do; providing them food and water.

Takis Shelter

They abandoned dogs gained some confidence and waited for Takis to arrive every day. Later on, Takis even contacted his friends to give the poor pups medical care so they would get back on their feet.

Takis received threats from residents of the area of killing the dogs since they were disturbed by the noise the dogs made. In response, he asked them for 30 days to come up with a solution.

Takis Shelter

The dog lover quit his job and bought a 33,000 meters landscape which was destined to be a safe place for the abandoned doggos. In the incredible shelter, “Takis Shelter,” they could heal, gain weight, strength, and trust, run around and be loved.

Takis Shelter

Although the dentist did it out of the goodness of his heart, funding the shelter all by himself was impossible. With more and more sick and abandoned dogs joined the shelter, he couldn’t uphold the costs of the dog haven. The task was getting bigger and harder.

Takis Shelter

In the end, Takis couldn’t afford all the expenses, so he sold his car and home to maintain the shelter’s existence. These days the hero lives in the “Takis Shelter” along with all the dogs he has rescued.

Takis Shelter

The dentist’s story has been told all over the globe. His love, dedication and courage deeply inspire people. Takis’s work has touched millions of people’s hearts, and so people wanted to reach their hands. With the supporter’s help, the shelter can be maintained and even house more homeless pets.

In the course of four years, Takis has rescued over 300 animals and found forever homes to 200 of them! Lately, Takis posted on his Facebook page an emotional video of an adorable dog that found a home in Finland. 

Here’s the exciting video:

With supporters help, the hero dentist can save more homeless animals’ lives and give them a second go at a happy life.

Takis Shelter

Stop by and follow Takis Shelter Facebook page to see more about the remarkable shelter and contribute to the hard work.

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